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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Equality Doesn't Mean Justice

 One commenter wrote:  "So could the three of them have worked that out for themselves, or would they need the hand of the state to redistribute the crates?"

Another observed: "Experience (especially the one we are witnessing in today's political climate where the "haves" want more and don't care about the "have-nots") tells us that they would need the hand of the state to create meaningful equality. It's called affirmative action. And by the way, someone has changed this from the original graphic, which makes an important point that this one neglects. The original one was labeled "Conservatives' view of equality" (left panel) and "Liberals' view of equality" (right panel). It did not use the word "justice" at all, but of course real equality does mean justice, and real justice does mean equality. The problem is the distorted view that some have about what equality is. The picture on the left is conservatives' view of equality. It exemplifies, for example, the position of Justices Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Roberts who believe that the Constitution is color blind and forbids any notion of affirmative action based on, for example, race. The picture on the right is progressives' view of equality. It reflects an understanding that true equality sometimes requires creating a level playing field."

Administrator observes:  Either way, the height of the kid on the far left of either panel needs to be the focus of either concept.  The crates simply serve as a means for redress or remedy.  When the taller kid bemoans the use of the means for redress as "unfair advantage" to viewing the game, or attempts to deceive the shorter kids into a perception that they have a better view, then what we have is "entitlement" based on ascribed biological superiority (racism).

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