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Monday, July 30, 2012

University of Haifa offers Degree in “Medical Clowning”

ADMINISTRATOR NOTE:  Yes, you read the headline correctly.  A year or so ago, I happened to see what I considered a rather twisted television show on CN Adult Swim” entitled “Children’sHospital”.  It featured a doctor dressed as a clown spouting pseudo-philosophy to justify being a jokester in the operating theater.  I understand that the ideas for televised shows (sitcoms, melodramas, reality shows, etc.) hardly drop from the sky.  They spring fully armored from the imaginations and perceptions of a bevy of contributors.  So you can imagine how elated I am to discover that the clown character on “Children’s Hospital” has its root in Israel’s use of “medical clowns”.  In fact, the University of Haifa offers a BA degree in medical clowning.  Imagine!

Adult Swim's Children's Hospital 

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